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Our Mantra

Process for process’ sake is a waste. ‘No’ is not an appropriate procurement strategy... If it doesn’t make sense, challenge it!

Our Experience

With procurement and commercial experience spanning national and international private and public sectors, and large, complex multi-vendor engagements; we’ve got the experience and examples to ensure that you get what you need.

Our Methods

In the world of Procurement, one size definitely does NOT fit all. We understand that each procurement activity is unique and we tailor our approach to strip-out the unnecessary while maintaining probity, risk-mitigation and deliver.

What We Bring

Good procurement is more than just following a process. We make procurement work for you and deliver smart outcomes that bring you the highest possible value.

Well thought out plans

A smart plan is the best set-up for success. We tailor our approach based on all of the contributing factors. We’ve got you covered.

Agility and adaptability

We know that sometimes things don’t go to plan too though. We are comfortable working on shifting sands and respond quickly when circumstances change, or Murphy strikes.

Value for money

The bottom line: We save you money through smarter, more efficient and sensible procurement and commercial services.

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Sharon Petherick